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We know you have questions. Maybe we have the answers here. If not call us - 813-996-2935

     How do I reserve my inflatable ?
It's simple.  Just call us at 813-996-2935 and book the item. We need the date and time of your event, your personal contact info, the location of your event, and the items you want to rent.   We will check our schedule and make your reservation for the unit. We hold a credit card number to confirm the booking. The credit card is NEVER charged in advance unless specified. 

     Is the rental for the entire day ?
Your rental is a full day at the price listed. We don't nickel and dime! A day rental is a day's rental. We do overnight rentals. Call us for availability and rates.

     How can I pay for my rental ?
You can pay by cash, or credit card. We take VISA, MC, and AMEX. Simple!

     Can you set up the moonwalk on concrete ?
Sure! We can set up on ANY SURFACE!!! We can set up on broken glass! We use sand bags to anchor the unit to the ground and place tarps underneath.  Please inform us at the time of rental so we can make sure to accommodate this request. Otherwize we will assume it will be on nice soft grass and not be prepared for alternative surfaces.

     Do parks have power we can use ? 
Usually... NO. You will need a generator. We rent generators for $50 and that includes the fuel. If you want to bring your own generator that's no problem. We require it is 3500watts minimum. One generator will run 2 units.


     Can I use water equipment in a city, county, or state park  ? 
No. Sorry. The parks department won't let you.    


      What time do you deliver the unit ?
EARLY! We won't know the exact time of delivery until the day before the rental when we call to confirm your delivery the next day. We make up our delivery schedule and route then. When we start our delivery run, our driver will call you and give you a VERY close delivery time from our GPS system. We like to arrive at least an hour early!

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