bounce_a_lot_inflatables002027.jpg bounce_a_lot_inflatables012005.jpg
Great to use for gaining attention. Solid stand up unit. Turn off blower between runs. Red siren on the top spins to call the crowd. Fund raiser heaven! $225/day
813-996-2935 to reserve for
your event now!
Don't know how to use this? Google fund raiser ideas for "cash cube" or "money machine".
Proven formulas for this to raise money and create a marketing BUZZ!! 
Call us for hints and tips on this effective unit. Quiet between events. Perfect for trade shows or company events. Car dealers... you need to check this baby out. Casinos have this unit usage down cold!
Space needed for the rental of this unit is a 10'x10' spot
It must be within 100' of a 15amp 115 volt common household
power outlet.
Fun piece! Get your camera ready!