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Obstacle courses are AWESOME!!! This MONSTER MODULAR has 2 lanes for side by side racing. For kids and adults. Larger events love this unit! $225 to $475 /day
813-996-2935 to reserve for
your event now!
 This is a MODULAR UNIT. It's HUGE! Look at the two people in the picture... WOW!!!
Look at the pictures below.
70' 2 Lane Obstacle Course. Side by side racing!!!
Main piece $225.00    /    2 Sections (short course) $350.00
3 Sections (Full Course) with CLIMBING WALL $475
Space needed for the rental of the unit is a 35'x80' spot.
It must be within 100' of THREE 15amp 115 volt common household
power outlets.
This is a REALLY FUN unit. Great for company parties.